Cetina Kayak Tour

Cetina Kayak Tour makes you to explore the Dalmatian Zagora from a new perspective, surrounded by chirping birds and wind sighs. During the 2 and a half hour long drive you can enjoy the crystal clear fresh water of the river and the untouched nature of the beautiful canyon.

Accompanied by our experienced guides you will be able to relax entirely and enjoy the landscape, and find the charming beaches and the remains of old watermills hidden to random passerby.

Blue Cave Croatia Cetina
Blue Cave Croatia Kayak
Blue Cave Croatia Tour

Cetina Kayak Tour Description

Unlike adventurous rafting, the Cetina kayak tour is entirely adapted to those who want to step back and leave behind the crows, noise, stress and the throng of the city jungle. After all, that is why you went on a vacation, right? At the end of all our exciting adventures we organize a lunch in a traditional local household where you can enjoy fresh home grown food and local specialties prepared just for you, with one drink included in the price.

Extras: Lunch

During the trips, you can also enjoy the amazing meal of traditional cuisine, in a beautiful setting by the river. Delicious BBQ lunch will make these day trips even better.

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Don`t forget to bring:
swimsuit, sunscreen, sunglasses, water, towel, dry clothes for the end of the tour. We recommend you take shoes with you for the visit of the watermill.

Blue Cave Croatia Cetina Kayak Tour
Blue Cave Croatia Cetina Kayak Tour
Blue Cave Croatia Cetina Kayak Tour