Rent A Scooter

50 ccm

Rent A Scooter. Choose a style-conscious and elegant way of moving around the city. Neo’s is a practical and reliable scooter that offers a stress-free ride and you can focus on the fun.

Neo’s was designed for a sleek, lightweight ride, riding alone or with a friend. With an aggregate of 50 cc, an electric starter and automatic transmission all you need to do is go – it’s so simple.

50 ccm

Gilera’s Runner is by far their most popular scooter they have produced to date.

Gilera introduced the Runner in 1997 and since has been produced with a range of engines. 50cc versions of the Runner use the popular 2-stroke liquid-cooled Piaggio engine.

50 ccm

With a brand new steel frame, for greater rigidity and unrivaled handling, the SR 50 R carries an aerodynamic design inspired by the RSV 1000 R Factory and delivers the best technology and safety in the class.

125 ccm

This urban commuter is specifically designed to offer increased riding enjoyment with sporty performance and outstanding economy. Its compact body gives you and your passenger the agility you need to get through congested streets – and with its powerful 125cc EU4-compliant 4-stroke Blue Core engine, NMAX delivers strong acceleration with low fuel consumption.

With its dynamic looks and a high-standard specification – including ABS – this sporty city scooter brings premium design to the entry-level 125cc category. Yamaha NMAX: Life changing transport.

250 ccm

Desire what you need.

Thanks to the dynamic style, highly responsive aggregate with cooled fluid and high specification frame, the Yamaha X-MAX 250 delivers impressive performance and everyday convenience.

The compact sports frame and lightweight large diameter wheels ensure stability at high speeds. Additional convenience provides storage for two integral helmets. New aerodynamic shields look intelligent and provide excellent protection against wind and weather.

This top-quality sports scooter is designed to give maximum on weekends. And on Monday morning, when it’s time to get back to work, the X-MAX 250 is one of the most effective ways to win traffic jams.

  • Rent a scooter includes a helmet for a driver and a passenger
  • Rent a scooter includes a bag and basic insurance
  • We offer the possibility of delivering the scooter to the desired address
  • The delivery and pick-up price is range of 50 km is addon 10€ per vehicle



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